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General Principles of Teaching and Training.     JHP Publishing. 1995

  This is a comprehensive distance learning text which covers Learning, Memory Attention, Interest, Motivation
  and the Self concept. Skills and language learning are addressed as well as Learning and Teaching Aids,
  Assessment and Intelligence Testing. Particular attention is paid to Classroom Management, Learning
  Objectives and Communication Skills.                                                                              (Now out of Print)

Educational Management.     JEB Publishing. 2004


It is most important that theory in management training is related to practice. It is equally important that a person’s normal place of work is seen as the context for the acquisition of management competency.  The text, which includes worksheets, personal enquiry and self assessment activities, is designed to be competency based.

Areas of Management covered are: Becoming a Better Manager, Strategic Direction, Policy and Planning, Management of Resources and Human Relations (Internal and External.)                                  (Now out of Print)











“Schools are primarily organisations, and many if not most efforts at education reform have collapsed or have been absorbed without effect precisely because of the limited attention given to the organisational context in which reforms have been attempted.”    

Schmuck, R.A. And Miles, M.B. (eds)(1992)


Jeffrey Robinson