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Social Control and the Education of Adults in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.                                     Author: J. Jeffrey Robinson
                                                                                   BrownWalker Press  2013

An almost universal concern of the Victorian governing classes was with the question of social control: how to deflect a largely uneducated working class from their inevitable challenge to the centres of power, accepted value systems and existing authority structures.  The fear in which the masses were held by the middle and upper classes came to dominate access to education or, more accurately, to what they defined as ‘useful knowledge,’ since this was designed to instil the values of a just and ordered society.  

   This book addresses the role of the providers of education alongside the responses of those for whom it was intended. It discusses the provision of educational initiatives and the frequent attenuation of their founding objectives. It assesses the utility of the strategies of power and control adopted by the providers in order to maintain an upper class ideology.

   Though evidence is discussed in a national context it is supported by additional data from a rural county both for the purpose of comparative analysis and in order to add character and hear the true voice of the men and women involved.

         The Public Hall

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J.Jeffrey Robinson